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seven seconds. tonight on huckabee. both sides are bickering. >> they show me a serious plan and i'm ready to move. they've been unwilling to put anything on the table. >> the clock is ticking, but with mesh america's credit rating. >> i don't know what message they missed during the election. >> and a suicide bomber in iraq, took his-- >> at one point we thought that scotty might be better dieing. >> now he sees life in a whole new life. the army's first blind active duty officer. captain scott smiley. >> then don't let the baby faces fool you. these brothers play some pretty mean blue grass. ♪ youtube stars the sleepy man ban joe boys. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee.
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[applause] welcome everybody, and thank you very much. what a great audience, we've got here tonight. here in new york and welcome to huckabee, from the fox news studios. and well, i begin today with a most important message, this is my wife's birthday, and i better say happy birthday. i better do that, so, happy birthday. [applause] >> i know that some of you are asking, how many is this for her? well, i'll let you do the math. she was born in 19-- none of your business. and a gallop poll saying that president obama would be defeated by a generic republican, but he leads any specific candidates he's paired against. what does all this have mean? frankly, absolutely nothing. you know, a poll at this point in time only tells us where things are today. not where they're going to be in 15 months when it's going to matter. some voters are going to automatically vote democrats
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and some are automatically going to vote republican. the election is going to be decided by the smaller group of independent voters, in the middle. and they're a long way from making up their minds on the next election. right now they're struggling whether or not they're going to have a next paycheck. while i enjoy a good game of politics as much as the next guy. this is a time to campaign and then there is a time to govern. the president and members of congress from both parties, have had their fun politicking the debt ceiling it's now time to govern and resolve it. while i don't believe that the world is going to face armageddon over failing to raise the debt limit. there will likely be dramatic and immediate effects if there was a government shutdown. for example, you probably wouldn't be able to visit national parks for a vacation, airport lines for tsa could take hours instead of minutes. and interest rates on your credit cards and adjustable rate mortgages and bank loans would probably shoot way up.
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and your 401(k) or pension account probably would plummet in value. and there's no reason that social security checks wouldn't go out. or that medicare patients would be forsaken, unless they were being targeted for raw political purposes. political consequences could be dramatic and like it or not, the republicans would most likely lose on that front because most of the media is going to let the president's total failure to lead go unchallenged and solely blame republicans. and ought to put the plan forward and let clear where they stand. if they can't get the cup, cap or balance through the white house, they've made their stand and then it's going be to be up to the president and the democrats to put a real plan on the table. let them propose is. support it, and send it to the house. and the house ought to pass it. not because they like it, but to give the democrats full
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ownership of their plan and the government will operate and we won't lose our credit rating, but then the contrast is set between two very clear directions for the next elections. spend and tax more? or cut, cap, and balance? pass a republican, i'd be happy to run on that mrt form instead of spend and tax any day. what do you think? you can let me know, contacting me at mike huckab share your views at what about the the insurgentry, the president told the congress, hey, take the day off. and he's been fund raising and planning his august vacation to martha's vineyard and congress had time to play baseball this week. doesn't seem all that urgent, does it? by the way, the g.o.p. won the game this week against the kkts, and it was enough to make the speaker cry. ♪ we are the champions
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♪ we are the examinchampions ♪ ichl. >> mike: there's no crying! >> there's no crying in baseball! >> (applause) >> well, while many of you may agree with my point of view, frankly, others strongly oppose it. i'm certainly not afraid to hear the other side and let's see what happens when i take the hot seat. my challengers today former president of the women's media center and a fox news contributor jehmu green and fox news contributor elliss henican. good to have both of you here today. [applause] >> jump in on debt ceiling negotiations. we've had people march to the podium and say the world is effectively going to come to an end if we don't get this resolved. i think it's serious, but has it been pushed a little too hard? >> no, no, it hasn't.
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>> no, because it's some of the reasons you mentioned and some you haven't. governor, don't you-- your own family, you and the birthday girl, mrs. huckabee. >> mike: thank you for joining me in wishing you happy birthday. >> she'll take birthday wishes from liberals, she will. >> listen, you pay your bills, your mortgage. of the electric and gas and car payments all of that. >> mike: we do, yes. >> and you understand as washington seems not to, bad stuff would happen if you didn't. why is it that your republican colleagues out on the campaign trail in the house, seems so blind and reckless about it. >> i don't think it's a matter they don't think we ought to pay our bills, we shouldn't run up bills we shouldn't pay in the first place. this is the problem with government. it's not that we say let's default, but let's quit borrowing money he we don't have and spending money there's no way we'll ever be able to pay back. >> the thing is, there are so
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many republican members who are saying, let's default. it's okay not to pay our bills and you said earlier you have to get past the playing politics and legislating. when president obama says let's find a balanced approach and talk about eating your peas, i don't think it's about daddy coming in and eating the peas, but mom coming in and sailing take your medicine. all of those new house republican members so reckless and in the words of former senator alan simpson, a strong republican. they're putting pettiness over patriotism and that's unacceptable. >> mike: i've got to tell you when the president used the metaphor about the peas, as a southern boy, that's the best thing we could do is eat our black eyed peas, and whole peas, that's not a punishment, that's a gift. i don't understand, the democrats have gotten the talking points and using the phrase a balanced approach. that's off the fax machine. i understand where it's coming from. the balanced approach means let's raise taxes. >> no, governor it doesn't
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really mean that. >> mike: elliss. >> the people at the top ought to share some of the burden. we don't want-- >> you don't think-- >> stick it to grandma. >> mike: paying most of the taxes? look, i agree with you, lets he' get rid of the loopholes, let's don't raise the tax rates. that's what people are wanting to do raise tax rates. that's counterproductive. if you want to lower rates and create a situation, you don't have the loopholes and i think the democrats out to adopt the fair tax, it taxes our consumption and when that happens everyone will have skin in the game and rich people who buy more things will pay more taxes. >> governor, don't you have a problem with the fact that a hedge fund manager who takes his, you know, limo, town car into the office every day, that's paying a lower tax rate than the assistant, who's setting up his meetings, setting up his lunches? there's a problem with that. and i think it absolutely is a
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balanced approach, that's not a talking point. let's come to the negotiating table with an ability to compromise and it's not seeing anyone from the republican side saying okay, we're willing to compromise. >> jehmu, i would agree if it's balance we're talking about and balance means that we're going to create a system in which people whose taxes are assessed at the point of however the income is, that's one thing. but that's not what i'm hearing. it's let's go after a higher rate and that's what i'm not for. what you mentioned, it is a problem because people who get passive income pay a far smaller tax rate than active income. as a person whose every time r dime comes from active income. i'd love to see the loopholes closed so the rates are lower and people are paying a more equitiable rate. the republicans are for closing the loopholes, not universal sense of against it, they don't want to be game and
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sucked into it another way. >> governor, as a popular from arkansas, do it not trouble you when you've seen the statistics we've all seen them, more and more welt concentrated into fewer and fewer hands. it's been happening in the less decade. >> mike: i worry less that a few people have done well. i worry more a lot of people have done more poorly. i don't believe in a closed system, there's only so much. pie and the economy can give the capacity to be more prosperous. i do worry we've got almost 15 people out of work and the president has spent a trillion dollars so-called stimulating the economy and a counterproductive affect getting nem to work and having them on the job. >> the top 2% ever the country, own the entire pie and they're not willing to share it and we are right now taking in less revenue than we were back when the korean war was going on. like this is 50 years ago.
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this is the same amount of revenue we're taking it, that's not a balanced approach and again, i think anyone growing up. learning about politics, if you want to run for office you're going to have to compromise. that's what i thought. probably why i haven't run for office i'm not good at compromising. >> mike: a balanced-- the two things i want the democrats to quit saying are balanced approach and george w. bush is blamed for all of it and change the talking appointment. our time is up, otherwise i would love to continue this discussion. oh. jehmu, thank you. and elliss, great to have you here on the hot seat. thank you very much. [applause] >> while leaders in washington are arguing over the debt ceiling, is the tea party being ignored? we're going to ask some tea party leaders, justin and fip when we come back. back. [applause]
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can your anti-aging makeup do that? simply ageless from olay and easy, breezy beautiful, covergirl. [applause] >> this week credit rating agency standard >> this week, credit rating
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agency standard & poor's a 50% chance this'll downgrade the u.s. government's credit rating in the next three months and it's placing the u.s. on credit watch. meanwhile, in washington. republicans and democrats are miles apart from reaching a deal. so, is this the government accountability that the tea party voted for in last year's mid term elections. the tea dustin. good to have you guys here. do you feel like sometimes your tea party is being ignored by the congressional republicans that were helped to be in office by the tea party? >> absolutely. and i think that's a huge frustration of ours, i don't know what message they missed last november in the election, sent home 63 big spending democrats. americans said we do not want more spending, we want dramatic cuts in size and scope and focus of washington d.c. and promised cuts, minuscule when we have a deficit in the trillions of
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dollars in year and 253 million dollars. it's just really, it's weak tea. >> sorry to jump in. but it really is obama who is the person who is holding it up at this point. and the congressional republicans that are present on this issue for in the caving in and giving a deal up already to this point. so, i think saying that they're ignoring us isn't, isn't true because they really are out there, fighting for the best deal possible. >> were you comfortable with 253 million dollars of cuts this year when they promised 100 billion. >> 253 million dollar cuts, in exchange for that one continuing resolution. as long as they get to the 100 billion over the course of the entire year, i would support what they're doing and they knew that the debt ceiling debate was still going to go on and more cuts from here and working to do just that and i think they deserve credit. >> do we shut the government down? is that a legitimate approach
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to shut it down? i hear people saying that and i wonder do they really understand what that does and who is going to get the blame for it? >> i think we have to be very careful about shutting the government down. people need to get their social security check. i need to get through tsa in less than two or three hours, but at the same time we can't continue to keep borrowing without addressing the underlying spending problem. so, by forcing these negotiations as keep as they are, i think the republicans are well poisoned do what you talked about, put the deal on the table. cap and balance on the table and pass it through the house and put it in obama's plate. >> bill, i don't think you agree, a little more than that? >> first of all, the government will take in over 2.2 trillion dollar in revenue this year. our outstanding debt we'll pay for our foreign-- our national debt, less than 300 billion dollars. we have money to pay, to meet our debtable gags, as for
8:18 pm
paying grandmother's social security, absolutely we have money for that. we may not have money to fund putting tadpoles on treadmills and see how fast they've had a heart attack as they've done in the past. we can fund those things and fund the military and social security, but we've got to stop spending the money and president obama additional 2 billion dollars to the united nations. promised 150 billion dollars to greece. now, why are we propping up greece? we believe that money needs to be-- we're printing it and borrowing as it stands, we've got to stop spending money he we don't have. >> the problem with na though, again the logistics of it, if we don't cut a deal. if we don't pass something through the congress, the pro power is handing over to timothy geithner and-- >> and who i want to see have control of the economy. he didn't know how to pay his own taxes much less the economy. >> he's been incompetent. but the job is to--
8:19 pm
this is obama's problem and geithner's problem, it's their digs decision. if we default on debt, it's their responsibility. no more extensions on your credit card, congress. >> one more thing to become evident, even the tea partiers don't agree what we should be doing. that's an important point. here is what i think may be a point of agreement. the republicans have to hold their ground on cut, cap and balance. but recognize, practically, that in the end. they are he' probably not going to get that through. lay it on the table, keep it on the table, when they don't win it, push that next time in the election and let that be the deciding point. are you with us or against us? if you're with us, give us 60 senators, give awes majority in congress and give us a republican president who will support it at the white house. and then it can get passed. gentlemen, i thank you for being here, unfortunately as always we're out of time, but not out of issues ever. thank you very much for being here. [applause]. well, where do anti-american
8:20 pm
terrorists really come from? now, most of you probably say, oh places like iraq, afghanistan, or somewhere in the ammiddle east. many people are closer to home than you think, fox news correspondent catherine herridge with a stock r shocking story next. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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>> mike: each day on the (applause) >> each day on the huckabee report. i share news and comments on the events of the day. 600 radio stations and a daily pod cast you can download. go to and sign up for my facebook or follow me on twitter, exactly what you want to do of course.
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from toddlers to teenagers, parents warn their children about a lot of dangers, things like don't talk to strangers, be careful who you chat with on the internet. stay away from drugs. but what about being recruited to become a terrorist? that's right, extremist leaders are successfully luring in young americans and transforming them into jihadists. fox news correspondent catherine herridge writes about the threat of brand new home grown terror, in "the next wave". >> thank you for having me, very much. >> mike: waist di was disturbed i read your book and realized there's an active moment to get americanized kids into jihadism. >> what i read about in the back. back in 2006. the al-qaeda leadership made a decision to go after western and american recruits beau we were focused on the middle
8:25 pm
east and pakistan. and became the new gold standard and we have now a generation, i call it al-qaeda 2.0. in many respects they're the new version of the digital jihadists. so when you're talking about the fact that we've historically said, well, a terrorist is probably going to be a muslim, may open the muslim east, if you don't fit the profile chances are you don't have to worry. because in the book you say that's no longer the model. >> that's right. the heart of this is actually an american citizen anwar al-awlaki, he's a digital jihad its, whether he's e-mailing or blogging or skyping, he's kind of like the facebook friend from hell. he's using the negotiate networking against us and spreading the ideology of hate. what's frightening there's a documented case of home grown terrorism every two to three weeks since january of 2009. something we didn't see a decade ago. >>. >> mike: what are the signs a parent ought to be worry
8:26 pm
about, if their child is being recruited or sought after. >> one of the things we are see is the american cleric. if you look at the cases of united states, broken up the almost always the fingerprints this have man. as i said a digital jihadist, and el-- that drive the car into times square and inspurd by the message, traveled to pakistan and got his training and talking to counterterrorism system, the event in sometimes square was successful. a guy drove a car in there what he thought was a viable explosive device. fortunately for us, he didn't have the right recipe when he'd been trained. >> thank goodness for the t-shirt maker who saw it and the terrorist who didn't get it report. somebody is going to get it right. >> we have to understand
8:27 pm
because bin laden is dead. you want to read the book. the next phase may be harder to play, there are more americans within the ranks of al-qaeda than a decade ago and that's because they've changed recruitment strategy and also because we've been successful in taking out the leadership and americans, you see, understand us and understand our system and in how to use it against us in a way that foreign terrorist or bin laden never would have and that makes them so dangerous. >> the book is a great read. it's called "the next wave", for those who want to read it, our awed generaudience is goinga head start because they all get a copy. [applause] >> he lost his sight during a bombing in iraq. he did not lose his vision to live life to its fully. the captain and his wife tiffany are joining me next. stay with us. next. thank you . [ male announcer ] the network --
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>> from america's news headquarters. casey anthony a free woman the first time in three years, walking out of an orlando jail just after midnight. accompanied by her attorney, two weeks ago got her acquitted in the death of her daughter caylee. they got into an suv and the crowd shouting after them. shortly after two vehicles arrived at the airport approaching a private jet bound for ohio, casey anthony's parents home state. and 10 p.m. eastern time our own geraldo may get an answer to questions from the first interview with jose baez. i'm mary anne ralpherty, now,
8:32 pm
back to huckabee. [applause] >> april of 2005. an explosion by a suicide bomber, aen schrapnel into scott smiley brain and he was about to lose his life long dream. the purple heart recipient refused to give up and fought to keep his career in the military. after years of hard work, he was the virs blind officer. "hope unseen", a true american hero, scott smiley and his wife. tiffany. [applaus
8:33 pm
[applause]. >> mike: hi, tiffany. great to have you here. >> you know, it's a remarkable story, and yet, it has a great position now, the chapter. but things didn't go just hunky dorie after the horrible incident in which you lost your sight. were you angry, weren't you? >> i was. it was hard to be living a healthy, physical, mental, spiritual life style and wake up later with the doctor telling me you're blind the rest of of your life. was hard. depression, sunk into a deep, black pit. fear, anxiety and again, a lot of anger and it was difficult. >> were you mad at god? >> i was. i think it's the worst thing i've ever done and i know, will ever do in life is to be mad at god and i know he gives me everything you have and has the will and power to take it
8:34 pm
away, i thought i'd done everything right and if there was a check objection, i thought i checked it and again, the anger was shown in my daily life and i remember one of my good friends asking me to say a player and i said no, i don't want to play and i don't think i know god. it put a lot of fear in my wife at the time, tiffany's heart and she really knew she had something else to pray for. >> mike: isn't it great we can get mad at god and he's big enough to handle it. he doesn't blow back up at us. through this period how were you feeling? you were trying to cope with the kids and this new experience for you and for him. did it shake you up a little bit? >> oh, it did. i mean, we were all praying for his eyesight, we wanted him to have a little bit of sight, which is better than no sight at all so i was praying for his eyesight. when i heard him say i don't know who god is, i stopped praying for his eyesight and started praying for his heart.
8:35 pm
he would come back ten-fold what he was before. i was pretty sure i could live with a blind man, i needed him to be scotty again. >> mike: you were less worried about his eyesight than his capacity to see things spiritually. >> yes, yes. >> mike: what was the turning point? obviously, there was one. >> there was. >> mike: what happened that got you back on track inside? >> i think, you know, it's each and every one of us goes through hard times, economic trials. spiritual trials, you know, health and for me, it's a decision. and you know, i don't think it was just tiffany praying. but it was the life style that i had lived before and i knew what the truth was, but i had to forgive. ask for forgiveness to god and forgive myself and ask god for forgiveness, you know, for the decisions and the anger that i had. and once i made that, i was able to begin that slow journey back. even though the steps were slow and i might not have been the nicest guy to tiffany, but
8:36 pm
i began that-- >> you want to follow that up. >> yeah. >> there was a time when i said, i love you, i will love you, but i do not like right now and he still had to hold my arm to be guided. some heart times. >> mike: i think that's an honest thing that a lot of people need to hear. it's not that you have this one moment and everything just got great again. >> right. >> mike: it's a process not a single event. it was a long, hard, tough process for you guys. >> right. let's talk about then, you didn't want to leave the military, but they were sort of ready for you to go on disability and call it a day. >> it is, and that's the normal army processes, if the soldier is seriously injured or injured. there's army rules and regulations they have to follow and being blind is, that's not one of the qualifications for being in the army and they came to tiffany and said, hey, you need to sign this paper work and in her mind. this is a decision she wanted me to make so she put the paper work and i think that stood there and stayed there until several months later
8:37 pm
when i was able to recover and you know, what i want today do was still serve my country and give back for the freedoms that we have. and it was a tough decision and having great friends in high places allowed us to still continue service to the country. >> the interesting thing is you did in essence fight the army and they said, look, it's time to get out and you said, no, i want to stay in. >> tell me what was the break point they said, okay, you've got value to us, still. you're teaching now at west point? >> i was and that again is being physically fit. it's mentally fit and being able to give back and so them. so, i had to find a job in the army. at the time i didn't have one. who is going to want to hire me, but again, having great friends that were able to, and it's part of the institution. the army is one of the best organizations in the world, that they would love those that are in. and i got a job, was able to give back and show that i can do and be more than what people thought. and again, give me opportunities to teach at west
8:38 pm
points. to teach cadets and i just gave up pa company command leading over 200 soldiers at the war transition unit in west point and another amazing leadership opportunity i'd never be able to have that chance. >> what can you tell the young men and women in west point or anywhere else in the army you might not have known to have told them except for what happened to you and losing your sight? >> i think, you know, opportunities come all the time. but it's those challenges that we go through, that we'll never know. and it's during those times that we really have to make the tough choices what you're going to do and in my life who am i going to turn to. for me it was turning to jesus christ, who is my one and only and it's that decision that i had made that allowed me to recover. allowed me to have the strength, physical fitness and the ability to do what i'm doing now. >> tiffany, i want to ask you, what was the toughest part of this process for you? was it the physical limitations and challenges. or was there something else
8:39 pm
that was even tougher than that? >> initially it was a call i got from a doctor and told me his eye was removed and going to have to remove the other eye and to me that was the most crushing news i could receive. it was like our world, our life was over and at one point i thought scotty might be better just dying, you know? it was terrible for me. and then the next point was when he didn't want to pray and dn know who god was and that's the second worst in my life through the process, like i said, we had our struggles i said i don't like you, this is hard, we fought through it, but we were always very committed to each other and like now, today, i drive him. and that's like really the only thing that i do. >> mike: i hope so. >> believe me he's tried to go driving and our four-year-old will probably be driving a lot sooner than 16, but-- >> don't tell anyone (laughter)
8:40 pm
>> it's a remarkable story and i appreciate the honesty and the book is an honest appraisal. it's not everything is just wonderful and great, but it's a struggle that the two of you have faced together. scotty, tiffany, great to have you, thank you. [applause] >> my pleasure to have you here, thanks very much. i'm going to be in israel this week for an exclusive conversation with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, we'll be airing it next week. you will not want to miss it. well, this is a picture, a former miss arkansas and congressional candidate from my home state. beth ann ranken. she has beautiful long red locks, i wish i had half of that hair. when we come back, she'll cut all of that hair and she'll tell us why when we come back.
8:41 pm
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>> beth annie was >> beth ann ranken is a former miss arkansas and was once on my staff at little rock. and one thing beth ann has been noted for, not just a safer for the governor's office or candidate for congress last year, but she grows hair and then cuts it off for the locks of love. which makes hair devices for children who are suffering through cancer. beth ann, good to have you here. >> thank you so much,
8:45 pm
governor, i proosh you letting me come on and let me talk about locks much love. >> you're going to cut your hair today. >> yes, on your show. >> mike: i wish i had that much hair. >> you'll be inspired to do this. >> mike: and this is what you looked like with the hair that you had. carolyn from magnolia arkansas is cutting the hair. >> geraldo: like two big pony tails, why did you start doing this for locks of love. >> governor, it's when i actually worked in your office in little rock, in 2003. one of my colleagues mentioned my hair had gotten long and locks of love and with red color, what a neat thing if i gave my hair away to locks of love, this organization is special, human hair, hair pieces that takes up to six to 12 pony tails to make one hair piece, they need a lot of donors, i thought if i can grow hair, if the good lord is
8:46 pm
giving me hair, i'm giving it away. kids going through cancer and hard for me to talk about because i think of the trauma for the children and then families and then go to school and if they're going through chemo, losing their hair and have to answer a lot of questions. how does locks of love help the kids be normal again? >> exactly, one thing it builds confidence. these are children could be, it's not just the cancer victim. it's burns victims and children who suffer from alopecia, a permanent hair loss condition, it's genetic. there's no known cause and no known cure, children who may suffer a lifetime with hair loss. >> mike: we've got a synthetic wig and it's obvious it's not real. you touch it. >> it can be yanked off the head and oh, here is the pony fail. and thank you, caroline. they need ten inches, a minimum of ten inches so you can always send more, but
8:47 pm
they, that's for a minimum of ten inches and bundle it up. it's not fancy deal. put little rubber bands and put it in a zip-loc bag and shoot it to the mail to locks of love. they're in florida. >> mike: and you can go to the website and don't have to do it on television, i was following on twitter today. there are actually people doing it today even as we speak are donating across america to send their pony tails in. >> mike: and beth ann, nervous about making this a dramatic change in their appearance and go from long hair to relatively short hair, i mean, in a matter of minutes. >> it's a shock. >> mike: how did it affect you the first time you did it. were you worried? >> i was worried because i'd never done a cut that short before, but you know what, it made me really think. i can say a prayer of blessing for the child that will receive this realizing, now what, they'll never potentially, perhaps will
8:48 pm
never grow their hair again and never know that feeling so really, it's a matter of the heart and feeling what the child goes through and locks of love covers children up to 21 years of age and gets them into the transition into college and lets them enter the beginning of their young adult lives with the confidence with the hair piece. it's an exciting thing, but your air literally goes into shock when you cut it off and probably looking shocked. >> it looks gorgeous, you look terrific and we had the before picture. great, shoulder length. beth ann, you can find out more about locks of love. and perhaps you've got hair longer than you need. one way to make a wonderful gift to a child and it's going enough. already is to donate your hair to the locks of love. we'll be right back. ♪ boy, i'm glad we got aflac h
8:49 pm
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>> a friend much mine (applause) >> a friend of mine told me to check out a youtube video of young boys playing blue grass. i didn't think i'd be that impressed. i've seen impressive young talent. to be honest with you, i said i've got to get the kids on my show. where in tennessee, arkansas, alabama or kentucky are these kids from? from new jersey. these jersey boys can play with any blue grass musicians in the country. welcome the sleepy man banjo boys, tommy who is 19 and-- johnnie, that is as big as you are, is that heavy. >> yeah. >> when did you start playing? >> when i was 6.
8:53 pm
>> you're 9 now yeah. >> mike: started when you were six. >> yeah. >> mike: tommy you started playing first. >> i played two weeks before rob did. >> mike: what made you decide on the guitar. >> i started with with strat castster. >> what made you decide on the fiddle. >> i don't know, i started with classic music and try to go for feeling. >> mike: where i come from, what you're playing is classical music, my friend. we'll let you listen and put their website on the screen and you'll want to find out more about these amazing young men. the sleepy young banjo boys. clear ♪ ♪
8:54 pm
♪ ♪
8:55 pm
♪ ♪
8:56 pm
(applause) (cheers) >> the sleepy man banjo boys. loved them and so will you, i hope you've had a great time tonight. next week an exclusive interview with prime minister benjamin netanyahu from israel. thank you for watching. until next time from new york, i'm mike huckabee, good night i'm mike huckabee, good night everybody, god bless. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. ♪ ♪
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